Updated design render

Here's an updated design render, based on the Hello Hub installed in Suleja, Nigeria.

Big changes from prior versions:

  • Foundation footprint is 3' x 3' (instead of 2' x 4')
  • Electronics combined into one large enclosure
  • Battery safety cover included
  • Speaker/Periphrial bar shown
  • Children's bench is shown lower
  • Power safety shut-off's are shown.

Suleja Hello Hub video, lets do this!


By Rebel at Outsider Ltd

Hello Hub #1 - going up in Sunny Suleja, Nigeria

Hello Hub #1 is currently being built by the Project: Hello World team and the community in Suleja, Nigeria. For more info and pics check out https://www.facebook.com/ProjectsForAll and http://instagram.com/projectsforall

  • Zuma Rock - Suleja, Nigeria
  • Measuring to dig the holes for the Hello Hub foundation
  • Layout of structure
  • Talking with local students, there are over 1000 students in the adjacent school.
  • At the local welder, after picking up steel at the market
  • Welding the base-plates
  • One side complete
  • Base detail
  • Welding braces to the base plates.


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