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Attempts to educate underprivileged children and youth in rural areas without access to schooling area nothing new. There are many people and organizations who admirably want to help and showcase the importance of education; however, the issue becomes not only finding a solution that works, but also finding one that is sustainable and responsible. While Project Hello World still has a long way to go before they conquer the problem of eliminating the issue of lack of education, they’ve found a successful beginning in Nigeria... for full article: http://epicureandculture.com/the-importance-of-education/ 
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From the PFA Blog: Reflections on the 'Projects for All' mission

How do we give communities in need the material resources they require to address their needs, while supporting them in maintaining their independence and recognizing the cultural and spiritual riches they have to offer the world?
Additionally, how can we ensure that they have a voice in the global community?
Read more from the new PFA resident writer, Ashley Dixon, over at the official PFA Blog

Updated design render

Here's an updated design render, based on the Hello Hub installed in Suleja, Nigeria.

Big changes from prior versions:

  • Foundation footprint is 3' x 3' (instead of 2' x 4')
  • Electronics combined into one large enclosure
  • Battery safety cover included
  • Speaker/Periphrial bar shown
  • Children's bench is shown lower
  • Power safety shut-off's are shown.

Suleja Hello Hub video, lets do this!


By Rebel at Outsider Ltd


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