Hello Uganda!

Supported by Lessons for Life Foundation and The Cobalt Trust, Projects For All is delighted to bring Project Hello World to Uganda this October!  We are partnering with Pangea Educational Development​ to build multiple Hello Hubs to connect communities to the Internet and educational software to make possible child-led digital learning and storytelling. 
A Hello Hub is an Internet-enabled rugged, outdoor computer kiosk for education, connectivity, community journalism, business and play. Built with the belief that development must be led, defined by, and serve the community, the Hubs in Uganda will be community-built and maintained.
We will keep you updated on our progress in the lead up to, and throughout, the build. Here’s to #EducationForAll

“Well, what do you think?”: Working with Communities to Measure What Matters

"Projects for All’s community-led data collection approach is focused on actively involving and empowering people and communities and not simply on the pure extraction of data.
We want to ask the question to our communities 'Well, what do you think?' "
Read more of Judith Mueller's post at:…/well-think-working-communities…/

Virgin and Qualcomm building satellite-based internet provider - great news for Hello Hubs!

Network connectivity will continue to be one of the biggest challanges for building Hello Hub's in disconnected locations. Richard Branson announced today a project to provide worldwide network coverage by a new array of satellites, via his Virgin Group & Qualcomm. We're stoked... more connectivity options = easier Hello Hub builds.

Rapid build, flat pack, 4-post Hello Hub - overturning calculation

We are exploring the adoption of a new foundation option for Hello Hubs. We like the 4 post structure, but the current specification calls for a below-grade portion for each "post" (picture below), to provide stability and to resist overturning of the structure during high winds.

(standard Hello Hub steel frame structure, with sub-grade post foundation)