Hello Hub Build Module: Steel Framing for Kiosk


This module includes the parts list, design specification, and build description for the steel framing portion of the kiosk. The steel framing is the structural component of the kiosk and is designed to be permanently installed, strong and require very little maintenance.

Parts list:

Name Quantity Item
Post 4 4” x 4” Structural Steel Square tube, with 1/4” wall thickness
Beam 2 1.5” x 4” Structural Steel Square tube, with 1/8” wall thickness
Purlin 5 1.5 x 3” Structural Steel Square tube, with 1/8” wall thickness
Panel 2 10' x 3' Metal Roof panels (ribbed or corrugated, high gauge preferred)
Bracket 10 Angle bracket
Fastener 5lb Self-tapping metal screw 3/4” #12
Fastener 5lb Self-tapping metal screw 1 1/2” #12
Rock 100LB Clean 1” Gravel
Concrete 8 bags of general concrete mix
Water 1 Water for concrete mixing
Braces 4 10' wood 2x4, or bambo or similar. For temporary bracing while concrete sets.
Screws 1 1lb wood screws
Strapping 1 roll of metal strapping, to secure braces to metal posts

Tools Required:

  • Cordless drill or impact driver 18v+ with drill and driver bits
  • Level
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Drill bits
  • Shovel
  • Buckets
  • Paintbrushes

Build Instructions:

1 – Construct each side frame according to Figure 1 & Figure 2. Top framing shall be welded to the vertical columns. Note: A slight slope is desired, this can be accomplished by setting the frame members ½” vertical offset, or can be accomplished by welding the top frame ½ down the vertical support on one frame (preferred).

2 – Set assembled framed into foundation holes. Foundation consists of of clean rock, compacted (to allow for water to drain) supporting frame, with at least 2 bags of concrete mix placed around each vertical framing piece. Loose ground fill added to hole until level with grade. Foundation shall be at least 3 feet deep.

3 – Roof pieces is attached to set frame with brackets and self-tapping screws.

4 – Roof panels are attached to roof pieces with self-tapping screws.

5 – Equipment panels will be attached to frame as needed with self-tapping screws.

Design & Dimensions:

Figure 1: Front-view

Figure 2: Top-view

Figure 3: Side-view

Figure 4: Top-view with Roof framing