Motherboard Replacement (Suleja)

Client Motherboard replacement @ Suleja

Step 1: Disconnect power cable from Hub
Step 2: Remove all cables from motherboard (network, video, usb, Power Switch, LED). Note which cable is connected to power and power LED, or take a close up picture.
Step 3: Remove audio cables between speaker & amplifier.
Step 4: Remove motherboard frame mount from Hub enclosure
Step 5: Remove motherboard & amplifier from frame
Step 6: Install new motherboard on frame
Step 7: Secure usb/audio bracket to frame and plug in audio and usb headers. Microphone will be plugged into this bracket.
Step 8: Install frame back into Hub enclosure
Step 9: Connect cables. Network, Display, USB, microphone, Power switch, Power LED
Step 10: Mount new speakers on Hub structure, run wires back to hub enclosure, plug speakers into motherboard
Step 11: Connect power cable from Hub to new motherboard via new power cable.
Step 12: Turn on and test!


Hello Hub Server, Suleja Nigeria

Existing Configuration


New Motherboard – Connection Detail