Standard Design

This section outlines a standard Hello Hub "reference" design. The intention is to lay out a common design that can be easily altered to take into account local conditions and availability of materials.

Standard Design Statement:

The Hello Hub will be a stand-alone structure, accessible from all sides. The central structure will be square or rectangular in shape, and will be covered by a overhanging roof to reduce weather and sun-glare during use. The roof will also serve as a mounting platform for the solar panels that provide power to the Hello Hub. The two opposing short sides will each contain a computer terminal, with the features described here. Set-back from each terminal will be a bench that can seat 4 users. One long side will contain access to the Hello Hub systems and control components, and the other long side will contain an electronic workbench and charging shelf.


ISO view showing terminal side and components.

Core Hub Components - Block Diagram

For details on the build process, including major systems, please see the section here: