Why is Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) important?

In particular, a successful M&E framework for the Hello Hub can help to achieve the following:

  • Provide information to PfA, the host community and the development community as a whole about the impact, outcomes and progress made in implementing alternative education to children,
  • Inform the creation of lessons-learned documents about issues and concerns encountered during the implementation and operation of the Hello Hub project. Lessons-learned documents can help inform future decision making in project planning and implementation,
  • Provide effective feedback to donors, sponsors and investors about key indicators that need to be achieved to secure funding,
  • Provide information to the community on the progress of skill and capacity building, thereby facilitating a common vision and incentive to continue to participate in fostering learning for children,
  • Measure the improvement in literacy and numeracy among the community,
  • Identify marginalized or minority participant groups and allow for the tailoring of the project to reach additional target groups such as women and girls,
  • Collect, track and asses aggregate data on Hello Hub terminal usage,
  • Track and assess children and adults in terms of learning achievements and learning barriers.